About Aquanovation

Aquanovation is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of specialty membranes and products for customers in the critical battery metals extraction, agricultural water, alternative energy production and water purification sectors.

Our Technology

Membrane and product level technology is developed internally based on licensed intellectual property from partners and is typically made up of a porous substrate coated with proprietary chemical formulations specific to an application or customer requirement. Sub-assemblies and final products consisting of the base membrane technology are also offered and may be co- developed with customers.

An example of a licensor partner is Evoqua Water Technologies (EWT) and the ion-exchange membrane product(s) used in the seawater desalination and water purification. EWT designed/ installed/operated a one million gallon per day (1MGD) desalination demo system at a Singapore Public Utility site for three (3) years. The operation verified that the system required 50% less energy as compared to currently operating reverse osmosis (RO) plants. As a result, Singapore is prepared to purchase and operate a full scale system.

Our Markets

Customers are typically original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) looking for best in class suppliers of base technologies and components.  We work with purification and alternative energy equipment companies whose portfolios of products are targeted to end-users looking for solutions to chemical process improvements, environmental challenges and/or energy storage.

Aquanovation News

Aquanovation Inc. Signs Technology Licensing Agreement with Evoqua Water Technologies

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Aquanovation was co-founded by Anil Jha and Stefan Abramo.  Anil Jha is an innovator and an entrepreneur and the former CEO and founder of Hydronovation Inc.  Anil is an inventor of electrodeionization technology and holder of over 130 worldwide patents which led to over 50 distinct and commercially successful products.  Stefan Abramo is a successful entrepreneur, and seasoned business leader with 35+ years of leading profitable international water businesses including the Evoqua business which first commercialized the licensed product.   

Anil D. Jha

Co-founder Aquanovation

  • Former CEO and founder of Hydronovation Inc., a venture backed residential water treatment company – successful exit in 2014.
  • Vice President R&D at Siemens Water corp.
  • Inventor of Electrodeionization technology. Holder of over 130 worldwide patents. Developer of over 50 distinct and commercially successful products.

Stefan Abramo

Co-founder Aquanovation

  • Former co-founder of PROSYS Corp., an industrial wastewater treatment company.
  • GM at Veolia/Siemens Water Ionpure division responsible for Electrodeionzation business. Grew business from $4M to $30M in five years
  • Responsible for NEXED (Aquanovation licensed technology) at Evoqua Water Technologies.