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The Aquanovation StoryTechnology Applications

The Aquanovation Story

Aquanovation is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of specialty membranes and products for customers in the critical battery metals extraction, agricultural water, alternative energy production and water purification sectors.

Aquanovation News

Aquanovation Inc. Signs Technology Licensing Agreement with Evoqua Water Technologies

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A 3-phase, 3.5 years demonstration system was at a PUB facilty which achieved 50% energy savings while treating one million gallons/day of sea water.

Technology Applications

Aquanovation plans to apply licensed technology for:

Water Treatment - Clean and Wastewater

Desalination for Drinking Water

Lithium Recovery from Brine Solutions Including Seawater Using Licensed Monovalent Selective Cation Exchange Membrane

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) for Wastewater Treatment

Selective Removal of Impurities for Agricultural Water

Hydrogen Production

Energy Generation and Storage